Maxi’s Menu and Prices South Africa

Maxi’s is a restaurant chain that is popular in South Africa. The restaurant serves freshly prepared breakfast, burgers, grills, desserts and coffee.

The restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere and the food is served quickly. The service is friendly and efficient. The food is reasonably priced and the portions are generous.

The restaurants are clean and well-maintained. The décor is modern and stylish. The restaurant has a wide variety of menu items, so there’s something for everyone.

Plus, the food is served fresh and hot, so you can be sure you’re getting a delicious meal. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Maxi’s is a great option.

Maxi’s is one of the best restaurant chains in South Africa and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good meal.

Here is the latest Maxi’s menu with prices in South Africa:

Breakfast Delights
Rise & ShineR29.9
Breakfast On ToastR39.9
French Toast StackR49.9
Mince & Egg On ToastR49.9
Cheese Griller BreakfastR51.9
Scrambled Up BreakfastR54.9
Farmhouse BreakfastR59.9
Maxi’s BreakfastR59.9
Healthy Choice Breakfast
Smashed Avo & Egg On RyeR49.9
Fruit Salad, Muesli & YoghurtR59.9
Carb Friendly BreakfastR58.9
Maxed Breakfasts
English BreakfastR79.9
Halloumi BreakfastR79.9
Hashtag BreakfastR89.9
Mega Works BreakfastR99.9
Gourmet Toasted Treats
Chicken Mayo & Spring OnionR79.9
Chicken Liver & Fried OnionR79.9
Steak & Fried OnionR84.9
Chicken Strips, Avo & Sweet Chilli MayoR84.9
Spinach & FetaR84.9
Bacon, Feta & AvoR84.9
Mince & Fried OnionR89.9
Toasted Sarmies
Cheese & TomatoR41.9
Ham & CheeseR44.9
Ham, Cheese & TomatoR47.9
Bacon & EggR49.9
Chicken Mayo & Spring OnionR49.9
Bacon & CheeseR49.9
Bacon, Egg & CheeseR58.9
Mince, Fried Onion & CheeseR62.9
3 CheeseR59.9
Maxi’s Wors & Fried OnionR74.9
Mince & Fried OnionR74.9
Cheese Griller & Fried OnionR74.9
Classic Colossal Burgers
Tangy Chilli Cheese BurgerR79.9
Cheesy Hawaiian BurgerR79.9
Bacon & Cheese BurgerR89.9
Saucy GiantR92.9
Hand Crafted Burgers
Maxi’s Burger – SingleR54.9
Maxi’s Burger – DoubleR74.9
Chicken Burger – SingleR59.9
Chicken Burger – DoubleR79.9
Cheese Burger – SingleR64.9
Cheese Burger – DoubleR84.9
Dagwood – SingleR94.9
Dagwood – DoubleR107.9
Favourite Wraps
Bacon, Feta & AvoR84.9
Delicious Grills
1/4 Chicken LegR69.9
Chicken Fillets & SaladR74.9
1/4 Chicken Leg & Maxi’s WorsR86.9
Chicken WingsR89.9
Double 1/4 Chicken LegR99.9
Chicken Thigh CurryR99.9
Beef CurryR99.9
Fresh Salads
Crumbed Calamari StripsR82.9
Chicken Strips & Crispy BaconR99.9
Grilled Chicken, Feta & Maxi PeppersR99.9
Halloumi & AvoR99.9
Cheesy Garlic RollR36.9
Chicken LiversR54.9
Gourmet Colossal Burgers
Maximelt BurgerR99.9
Hashtag BurgerR99.9
Bacon, Egg & Cheese BurgerR99.9
Bacon & Avo BurgerR99.9
Halloumi & Avo BurgerR99.9
Milkshakes – RegularR42.9
Milkshakes – LargeR39.9
Double Thick Shakes – RegularR44.9
Double Thick Shakes – LargeR48.9
Fruit Smoothies – RegularR42.9
Fruit Crushers – RegularR49.9
Gourmet Milkshakes – LargeR19.9
Sweet Treats
Traditional – PancakeR39.9
Traditional – WaffleR34.9
Berry Wonder – PancakeR48.9
Berry Wonder – WaffleR34.9
Peppermint Crisp – PancakeR48.9
Peppermint Crisp – WaffleR36.9
Maxed Grills & Seafood
Ribs & Wings – 400gR189.9
Mixed GrillR159.9
Gigantic GrillR184.9
Calamari StripsR74.9
Hake – SingleR109.9
Hake – DoubleR119.9
Hake & Calamari StripsR139.9
Rump & Calamari Strips – 200gR159.9
Rump & Calamari Strips – 300gR179.9
Ribs & Calamari Strips – 400gR44.9
A Little Bit on the Side
Onion RingsR14.9
Mini Mixed GrillR99.9
Mouth-watering Grills
T-Bone – 330gR134.9
T-Bone – 500gR184.9
Rump – 200gR114.9
Rump – 300gR139.9
Saucy Rump – 200gR124.9
Saucy Rump – 300gR149.9
Ribs – 400gR144.9
Ribs – 600gR194.9
Lamb Loin Chops – 400gR199.9
Sodas – RegularR24.9
Sodas – LargeR18.9
Diet Sodas – RegularR23.9
Diet Sodas – LargeR29.9
Soda Floats – RegularR34.9
Soda Floats – LargeR29.9
Fruit Juices – RegularR34.9
Fruit Juices – LargeR18.9
Mineral WaterR24.9
Fuze Iced TeaR28.9
Hot Beverages
Maxi’s Coffee – RegularR25.9
Maxi’s Coffee – LargeR23.9
Americano – SingleR25.9
Caffè Latte – SingleR29.9
Rooibos Latte – SingleR25.9
Cappuccino – SingleR29.9
Cappuccino – DoubleR29.9
Rooibos Cappuccino – SingleR28.9
Crémoccino – SingleR33.9
Crémoccino – DoubleR16.9
Espresso – SingleR19.9
Espresso – DoubleR17.9
5 Roses Tea / Rooibos TeaR32.9
Hot ChocolateR32.9

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