Mozambik Menu Prices South Africa

Are you looking for the latest Mozambik menu with prices in South Africa? Here we have prepared a list of all the menu items offered by this chain in South Africa and their prices.

Mozambik is an Afro-Porto-inspired restaurant located in South Africa. Mozambik celebrates the vibrant colours, flavours, and culture of the African continent with a unique perspective of Mozambique.

The vibe at this restaurant is vibrant and inviting, with lively music playing in the background.

The menu consists of traditional African dishes as well as Portuguese favourites like piri-piri chicken, peri-peri prawns, slow-cooked oxtails, curries and more.

The chefs at Mozambik take great care to create flavorful dishes that are made using fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers.

Guests will also find a variety of delicious desserts such as homemade custard tartlets or coconut caramel pudding. All meals are served with sides such as roasted cauliflower or sweet potato fries for an extra burst of flavour.

In addition to tasty food, guests can enjoy an impressive selection of wine and cocktails crafted from seasonal fruits harvested from their own farm near Swaziland.

A rotating list of craft beers is available on tap for those looking for something different than what you’d get at any other bar in South Africa.

At Mozambik patrons can also experience authentic performances including traditional drumming and local dance performances every Friday night that will get everyone up on their feet and dancing along.

Mozambik is a great place to experience the richness of African culture without having to leave South Africa. With its delicious food, exciting performances, and friendly atmosphere, Mozambik is an ideal spot for all types of people looking for a fun night out in Johannesburg.

Mozambik Menu Prices in South Africa

Starters Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Fish CakeR79
Chicken LiversR69
Olives Stuffed with Cashew 100grR63
Trinchado ChickenR72
Chourico in Porto SauceR84
Squid HeadsR82
Calamari & Chicken Livers79
Calamari Chourico OlivesR114
Trinchado FilletR112
Trinchado RumpR97

Rissole Galler

Menu ItemsPrices
Peppadew and Cheese RissolesR62
Chicken RissolesR55
Prawn RissolesR79
Rissole TRIOR65
Prawn BileneR114
Mussels De Xai XaiR85

Fish Mains

Menu ItemsPrice
Hake ZambezianR115
Linefish ZambezianR175
Kingklip ZambezianSQ

Calamari Mains

Menu ItemsPrice
Calamari and LiversR145
Calamari, Chourico, OlivesR215

Prawns Main

Menu ItemsPrice
6 Grande QueensR210
8 Grande QueensR260
10 MediumsR165

Chicken Mains

Menu ItemsPrice
Quarter Chicken 
Plain or spicy Moz-BBQ bastingR82
Moz Peri-Peri Dry RubR82
Garlic, Lemon & Herb or Peri-PeriR89
Zambeziana coconut or Meninas sauce (no chili)R99
Half Chicken 
Plain or spicy Moz-BBQ bastingR137
Moz Peri-Peri Dry RubR137
Garlic, Lemon & Herb or Peri-PeriR149
Zambeziana coconut or Meninas sauce (no chili)R159
Chicken De Meninas (Partially deboned half chicken) 
Plain or spicy Moz-BBQ bastingR139
Moz Peri-Peri Dry RubR139
Garlic, Lemon & Herb or Peri-PeriR158
Zambeziana coconut or Meninas sauce (no chili)R168
Chicken TrinchadoR125

Prego Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Steak Prego FilletR138
Chicken PregoR79

Steaks Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Grilled Steak 
200g RumpR129
200g FilletR169
300g RumpR160
200g FilletR214
Portuguese Style 
200g RumpR129
200g FilletR169
300g RumpR160
200g FilletR214
200g RumpR159
200g FilletR189
300g RumpR197
200g FilletR250
Mozambik Steak 
200g RumpR149
200g FilletR195
300g RumpR195
200g FilletR249
Trinchado Main 
500g RibsR218


Menu ItemsPrices


Menu ItemsPrices
Beef 300G 

For the Table (No Starch)

Menu ItemsPrices
Full Chicken 
Plain or spicy Moz-BBQ bastingR210
Moz Peri-Peri Dry RubR210
Garlic, Lemon & Herb or Peri-PeriR229
Zambeziana coconut or Meninas sauce (no chili)R259
Ribs (1kg)R375
20 Medium PrawnsR245


Menu ItemsPrices
Sharing Platter for 2R449
Seafood Platter for 2R430
Mixed GrillR220


Menu ItemsPrices
Veg & Haloumi CurryR125
Veg CurryR109
Jack Fruit EspetadaR98


Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken CurryR132
Prawn CurryR195
Chicken & Prawn Curry R155


Menu ItemsPrices
Moz Table SaladR85
Moz Chicken Salad with CashewsR115


Menu ItemsPrices
Coconut RiceR30
Side VegR30
Mashed PotatoR28
Side SaladR30

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