Romans Pizza Menu Prices South Africa

Are you looking for the latest Romans Pizza menu with Prices in South Africa? We have collected all the menu items with their prices for this chain in South Africa.

Roman’s Pizza is a pizza restaurant chain franchise based in South Africa that was founded in 1993.

When Arthur Nicolakakis founded Little Caesar’s in Pretoria, it was originally called Little Caesar’s. In 2002, the chain was rebranded as Roman’s Pizza.

Arthur Nicolakakis bought over a struggling Pizzeria in 1993 and founded Roman’s Pizza.

He had a vision of providing the highest quality product at the lowest possible price. Today, Roman’s Pizza’s goal remains to be the best value for money in the industry.

Many have attempted to replicate Roman’s Pizza concept, but only a few have succeeded. Roman’s Pizza truly that we have the Best Pizza at the Best Price.

Every Roman’s Pizza meal is prepared with the finest imported ingredients from Greece and Italy, as well as the freshest local ingredients.

All of our meals are prepared to order and thus guaranteed to be fresh, delicious, and hot out of the oven.

Romans Pizza Menu Prices in South Africa

Menu ItemsPrices
Hawaiian (small)ZAR28.90
Hawaiian (2 x small)ZAR57.90
Hawaiian (2 x medium)ZAR90.90
Hawaiian (2 x large)ZAR129.90
Pepperoni Deluxe (small)ZAR28.90
Pepperoni Deluxe (2 x small)ZAR57.90
Pepperoni Deluxe (2 x medium)ZAR90.90
Pepperoni Deluxe (2 x large)ZAR129.90
Tropical (small)ZAR28.90
Tropical (2 x small)ZAR57.90
Tropical (2 x medium)ZAR90.90
Tropical (2 x large)ZAR129.90
Vegetarian (small)ZAR28.90
Vegetarian (2 x small)ZAR57.90
Vegetarian (2 x medium)ZAR90.90
Vegetarian (2 x large)ZAR129.90
Regina (small)ZAR28.90
Regina (2 x small)ZAR57.90
Regina (2 x medium)ZAR90.90
Regina (2 x large)ZAR129.90
BBQ Chickelicious (small)ZAR21.90
BBQ Chickelicious (2 x small)ZAR57.90
BBQ Chickelicious (2 x medium)ZAR90.90
BBQ Chickelicious (2 x large)ZAR129.90
Triple Cheese (small)ZAR28.90
Triple Cheese (2 x small)ZAR57.90
Triple Cheese (2 x medium)ZAR90.90
Triple Cheese (2 x large)ZAR129.90

Romans Pizza Grumbling Pizzas  Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Greek (small)ZAR28.90
Greek (2 x small)ZAR57.90
Greek (2 x medium)ZAR101.90
Greek (2 x large)ZAR154.90
Tangy Russian (small)ZAR28.90
Tangy Russian (2 x small)ZAR57.90
Tangy Russian (2 x medium)ZAR101.90
Tangy Russian (2 x large)ZAR154.90
Bacon Supreme (small)ZAR28.90
Bacon Supreme (2 x small)ZAR57.90
Bacon Supreme (2 x medium)ZAR101.90
Bacon Supreme (2 x large)ZAR154.90
Hot One (small)ZAR28.90
Hot One (2 x small)ZAR57.90
Hot One (2 x medium)ZAR101.90
Hot One (2 x large)ZAR154.90
Bolognese (small)ZAR28.90
Bolognese (2 x small)ZAR57.90
Bolognese (2 x medium)ZAR101.90
Bolognese (2 x large)ZAR154.90

Romans Pizza  Ravenous Pizzas Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Chick ‘N Mayo (small)ZAR31.90
Chick ‘N Mayo (2 x small)ZAR63.90
Chick ‘N Mayo (2 x medium)ZAR119.90
Chick ‘N Mayo (2 x large)ZAR182.90
BBQ Spare Ribs & Mushroom (small)ZAR31.90
BBQ Spare Ribs & Mushroom (2 x small)ZAR63.90
BBQ Spare Ribs & Mushroom (2 x medium)ZAR119.90
BBQ Spare Ribs & Mushroom (2 x large)ZAR182.90
BBQ Spare Ribs & Pineapple (small)ZAR31.90
BBQ Spare Ribs & Pineapple (2 x small)ZAR63.90
BBQ Spare Ribs & Pineapple (2 x medium)ZAR119.90
BBQ Spare Ribs & Pineapple (2 x large)ZAR182.90
Seafood (small)ZAR31.90
Seafood (2 x small)ZAR63.90
Seafood (2 x medium)ZAR119.90
Seafood (2 x large)ZAR182.90
Quattro (small)ZAR31.90
Quattro (2 x small)ZAR63.90
Quattro (2 x medium)ZAR119.90
Quattro (2 x large)ZAR182.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken (small)ZAR31.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken (2 x small)ZAR63.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken (2 x medium)ZAR119.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken (2 x large)ZAR182.90
Bacon, Avo & Feta (small)ZAR31.90
Bacon, Avo & Feta (2 x small)ZAR63.90
Bacon, Avo & Feta (2 x medium)ZAR119.90
Bacon, Avo & Feta (2 x large)ZAR182.90

Romans Pizza Famished Pizzas  Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Fetaroni (small)ZAR31.90
Fetaroni (2 x small)ZAR63.90
Fetaroni (2 x medium)ZAR113.90
Fetaroni (2 x large)ZAR165.90
Supreme (small)ZAR31.90
Supreme (2 x small)ZAR63.90
Supreme (2 x medium)ZAR113.90
Supreme (2 x large)ZAR165.90
Four In One (small)ZAR31.90
Four In One (2 x small)ZAR63.90
Four In One (2 x medium)ZAR113.90
Four In One (2 x large)ZAR165.90
BBQ Chicken & Mushroom (small)ZAR31.90
BBQ Chicken & Mushroom (2 x small)ZAR63.90
BBQ Chicken & Mushroom (2 x medium)ZAR113.90
BBQ Chicken & Mushroom (2 x large)ZAR165.90
BBQ Chicken & Pineapple (small)ZAR31.90
BBQ Chicken & Pineapple (2 x small)ZAR63.90
BBQ Chicken & Pineapple (2 x medium)ZAR113.90
BBQ Chicken & Pineapple (2 x large)ZAR165.90
BBQ Chicken Supreme (small)ZAR31.90
BBQ Chicken Supreme (2 x small)ZAR63.90
BBQ Chicken Supreme (2 x medium)ZAR113.90
BBQ Chicken Supreme (2 x large)ZAR165.90
Peri Peri Chicken (small)ZAR31.90
Peri Peri Chicken (2 x small)ZAR63.90
Peri Peri Chicken (2 x medium)ZAR113.90
Peri Peri Chicken (2 x large)ZAR165.90

Romans Pizza Rumbling Pizzas  Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Classic Cheese (small)ZAR19.90
Classic Cheese (2 x small)ZAR39.80
Classic Cheese (2 x medium)ZAR70.90
Classic Cheese (2 x large)ZAR118.90
Margherita (small)ZAR21.90
Margherita (2 x small)ZAR43.90
Margherita (2 x medium)ZAR70.90
Margherita (2 x large)ZAR118.90

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