Fishaways Menu Prices South Africa

At Fishaways, you’ll find a range of mouthwatering seafood dishes to satisfy your cravings for the ocean’s finest offerings.

Whether you prefer your fish grilled or fried, this restaurant has something to suit every palate.

For those who love the crispy crunch and rich flavour of calamari, you can try the classic calamari rings drizzled with lemon butter sauce.

Or if prawns are more your style, you can enjoy one of Fishaways’ signature prawn platter meals with a choice of grilled or fried prawns in a variety of delicious sauces.

No matter what you choose, you can always be assured that all of Fishaways’ fresh fish is sourced from sustainable seafood suppliers, with seafood that is responsibly caught by local fisher folk and delivered to the kitchen within 24 hours.

Here’s the latest Fishaways menu with prices in South Africa:

Meals Under 500cal
Basa & Pine WrapR49.9
Honey Soy Fish WrapR49.9
Grilled Hake & Veg Stir FryR52.9
Fishcakes & Green SaladR54.9
Honey Soy Fish PotR54.9
Rainbow Shrimp SaladR76.9
Single Eats
Hake Meal (small)R39.9
Hake Meal (medium)R59.9
Hake Meal (large)R79.9
Seafood Hot PotsR44.9
Seafood PaellaR79.9
Hake & Calamari TubesR89.9
Hake & Calamari StripsR86.9
Grilled Hake MealR68.9
Hake WrapR44.9
Basa WrapR44.9
Calamari WrapR46.9
Prawn WrapR54.9
Burger Meal with ChipsR46.9
Good Life MealR62.9
Platter For OneR109.9
Hake SliderR26.9
Hake Slider with ChipsR36.9
Hake Slider Combo MealR41.9
Calamari SliderR26.9
Calamari Slider with ChipsR36.9
Calamari Slider Combo MealR48.9
Hake & Onion Rings SliderR19.9
Hake & Onion Rings Slider with ChipsR34.9
Hake & Onion Rings Slider Combo MealR48.9
Onion RingsR18.9
Pop PrawnsR41.9
Sriracha Pop PrawnsR44.9
Fish PopsR38.9
Squiggly PopsR34.9
Veggie PopsR34.9
Hake NuggetsR38.9
Calamari StripsR38.9
Shrimp Fried RiceR38.9
Sharing Meals
Double Up MealR99.9
Hake & Calamari PlatterR119.9
Hake & Fishcake PlatterR134.9
Snack PlatterR114.9
Platter For TwoR209.9
Family PlatterR229.9
Sharing Meal for ThreeR149.9
Chips (small)R22.9
Chips (medium)R27.9
Chips (large)R32.9
Chips (extra large)R45.9
Rice (small)R22.9
Rice (medium)R27.9
Rice (large)R32.9
Burger RollR11.9
Veg Stir-FryR32.9
Hake Fillet (regular)R31.9
Hake Fillet (medium)R42.9
Hake Fillet (large)R59.9
Coleslaw (Regular)R27.9
Sriracha Coleslaw (Regular)R29.9
Green Salad (regular)R32.9
Green Salad (large)R34.9
Greek Salad (regular)R38.9
Greek Salad (large)R45.9
Extra SauceR4.9

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