Mugg & Bean Menu Prices South Africa

Mugg & Bean is a beloved restaurant chain in South Africa, renowned for its extensive menu of coffee-themed cuisine.

Whether you’re looking for a quick meal on the go or a relaxing place to dine with friends, Mugg & Bean has something for everyone.

With locations throughout the country, this full-service eatery and coffeehouse offers everything from sandwiches and baked goods to soups and salads, along with freshly ground coffees, assorted teas, and tempting desserts.

The menu is also packed with a wide variety of appetizing sides, from fresh fruit to cheesy grits, so you can create your perfect meal.

They also have plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, making Mugg and Bean the perfect choice for diners with special dietary needs.

If you’re looking for a satisfying dining experience that’s full of flavour, look no further than Mugg & Bean.

Here’s the Mugg and Bean menu with prices in South Africa:

All Day Breakfast
M&B On-The-GoR52.9
The M&B ClassicR70.9
The Famous OneR82.9
The Country-styleR100.9
South African FarmR110.9
Avo & Rainbow Slaw ToastR50.9
Bacon & Egg ToastR48.9
Smashed Avo & Egg on ToastR48.9
Eggs on ToastR33.9
The Classic Eggs BenedictR78.9
Salmon Trout Eggs BenedictR116.9
The Benedict BowlR102.9
The Big BenR102.9
California OmeletteR96.9
Rancheros OmeletteR98.9
Chicken Liver CroissantR64.9
Mighty Morning CroissantR77.9
Tropical BreakfastR71.9
Power OatsR56.9
Espresso DoppioR30.9
Flat White CappuccinoR33.9
Dirty Chai CappuccinoR47.9
Caffe MochaR38.9
Caffe LatteR36.9
Cafe CremeR31.9
Dirty Chai CappuccinoR35.9
Lunch Menu
Thai Rainbow Beef Salad BowlR73.9
Moroccan Butternut & Chickpea Salad BowlR45.9
Mexican Chicken & Charred Corn Salad BowlR68.9
Monte Cristo Salad BowlR82.9
Chicken & Sesame Salad BowlR65.9
Kasbah Salad BowlR68.9
Muffuletta SandwichR101.9
Alabama Chicken Panino SandwichR91.9
Cubano SandwichR96.9
Reuben SandwichR115.9
Chickpea, Spinach & Egg-free Mayo Toasted SandwichR58.9
Cheddar Cheese & Tomato Toasted SandwichR55.9
Chicken Mayo Toasted SandwichR63.9
Back Bacon & Egg Toasted SandwichR70.9
Chicken Mayo & Mozzarella Toasted SandwichR73.9
Back Bacon & Cheddar Cheese Toasted SandwichR66.9
Hickory Ham, Cheddar Cheese & Tomato Toasted SandwichR67.9
Back Bacon, Feta, Mozzarella & Avo Toasted SandwichR75.9
Cheese Steak, Bacon & Avo Toasted SandwichR93.9
Jalapeño, Bacon & Cheese Toasted SandwichR87.9
BBQ Gourmet BurgerR85.9
Big Daddy Gourmet BurgerR120.9
Bombay Gourmet BurgerR97.9
Chicken Satay Gourmet BurgerR95.9
Cheeky Chickpea Gourmet BurgerR95.9
The Avo, Bacon & Feta Gourmet BurgerR110.9
Southern Deep-Fried Onion RingsR34.9
Halloumi FriesR63.9
Mini Hasselback PotatoesR43.9
Buttermilk Fried ChickenR53.9
Mexican Street Corn FrittersR43.9
Chicken QuesadillaR45.9
Smoky BBQ Pork Belly RashersR75.9
Buffalo Spicy WingsR75.9
Chipotle Chicken LiversR53.9
Rib & Wing ComboR145.9
Grilled Rump SteakR175.9
Smoky BBQ Spare RibsR155.9
Sweet Spicy Wings & BBQ RumpR183.9
Pit Boss BBQ GrillR161.9
Welsh Rarebit Crumbed ChickenR118.9
Mac & CheeseR84.9
Tomato & Basil SoupR64.9
Crispy Sesame Chicken Noodle BowlR63.9
Tangled Thai Vegetables Noodle BowlR62.9
Green Matcha LatteR36.9
Rooibos TeaR25.9
Classic ChaiR38.9
Red EspressoR23.9
Red CappuccinoR33.9
Serious Red CappuccinoR35.9
Red LatteR40.9
Decadent LatteR48.9
Classic Caffe MochaR35.9
Caribbean Caffe MochaR43.9
Chino MuggachinoR45.9
Chocolate MuggachinoR47.9
Mocha MuggachinoR45.9
Double Thick Milkshake (small)R31.9
Double Thick Milkshake (medium)R40.9
Double Thick Milkshake (tall)R43.9
Iced TeaR30.9
Mineral WaterR25.9
Soda DrinksR30.9
Sugar-Free Soda DrinksR29.9
Fruit Juice (small)R31.9
Fruit Juice (medium)R32.9
Fruit Juice (tall)R36.9
Mixed Berry SmoothieR50.9
Orange SmoothieR40.9
Spinach, Chia & Mint SmoothieR38.9
Peanut Butter & Banana SmoothieR48.9
American Iced CoffeeR47.9
Frozen Mocha CoffeeR47.9
Tumeric GineradeR32.9
Blood Orange, Honey & BasilR42.9
Berry & MangoR40.9
Hot ChocolateR39.9
Vegan Hot ChocolateR57.9
Brewed Leaf TeaR32.9
Bottomless House Blend CoffeeR34.9
Bottomless Blood Orange GingeradeR45.9
Bottomless Wildberry FizzR43.9
Bottomless Iced-Brewed CoffeeR41.9
Bottomless Refreshing Berry Iced TeaR43.9
Bottomless LemonadeR43.9
Baked Goods
Pie & Tart SliceR57.9
Cheesecake or Decadent Cake SliceR56.9
Lemon Meringue SliceR56.9
M&B Giant Choc Chip CookieR34.9
Butter CroissantR50.9
Rich Chocolate Decadent Cake SliceR56.9
M&B Famous Giant MuffinR43.9
New Orleans French ToastR66.9

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