Barcelos Menu Prices South Africa

Barcelos is a neighbourhood favourite for anyone looking for authentic Brazilian food in South Africa. The menu is full of delicious and unique dishes, each highlighting a different flavour profile of Brazilian cuisine. Whether you are in the mood for something spicy or sweet, there is sure to be something that will satisfy your craving.

Some of the most popular dishes on the menu include feijoada, a hearty stew made with slow-cooked beans, pork sausage, and fresh herbs; Pao de queijo, tender cheese buns made from scratch that melt in your mouth; and caipirinha, Brazil’s national drink made with lime juice and hand-crushed cachaca liquor.

Whether you are new to Brazilian cuisine or a long-time fan, Barcelos offers something for everyone. So next time you find yourself in the mood for some South American flavour, head on over to Barcelos and experience all that this amazing eatery has to offer!

Here is the latest Barcelos menu with prices in South Africa:

Burgers, Schwarmas, Pregos
Budget Chicken BurgerR26.9
Budget Chicken Burger + 1 SideR39.9
Chicken BurgerR38.9
Chicken Burger + 1 SideR51.9
Chicken Prego RollR40.9
Chicken Prego Roll + 1 SideR53.9
Chicken SchwarmaR46.9
Chicken Schwarma + 1 SideR58.9
Beef BurgerR41.9
Beef Burger + 1 SideR53.9
Beef SchwarmaR53.9
Beef Schwarma + 1 SideR64.9
Beef Prego RollR50.9
Beef Prego Roll + 1 SideR61.9
Family Meals
Half Pack – 1/2 Chicken, 2 Large Sides, 2 Portuguese RollsR129.9
Supporters Pack – Whole Chicken, Jumbo Side, 4 Portuguese RollsR192.9
Family Pack – Whole Chicken, 2 Large Sides, 4 Portuguese RollsR209.9
Family Meal Deal – Whole Chicken, 2 Large Sides, 4 Portuguese Rolls, 1 Suntropic JuiceR220.9
Super Family Pack – 2 Whole Chickens, 2 Jumbo Sides, 6 Portuguese RollsR319.9
1/4 ChickenR38.9
1/4 Chicken + 1 SideR54.9
1/4 Chicken + 1 Large SideR64.9
1/2 ChickenR70.9
1/2 Chicken + 1 SideR80.9
1/2 Chicken + 1 Large SideR90.9
Whole ChickenR134.9
Whole Chicken + 1 Large SideR164.9
2 Chicken BurgersR54.9
Portuguese Galito Roll & DrinkR55.9
Chicken Burger, Chips & DrinkR67.9
2 Chicken Strip Rolls with Cheese & ChipsR69.9
1/4 Chicken, Regular Pap, Tomato Relish, CabbageR72.9
1/4 Chicken, Chips, Garlic Roll & DrinkR79.9
Chicken Cheese Burger, Chips & DrinksR74.9
2 Kebabs, Chips, Garden Salad & DrinkR88.9
Chicken Schwarma, Chips & DrinksR74.9
Mini BreakfastR31.9
Cheesy Egg in PitaR43.9
Drifter BreakfastR56.9
Algarve BreakfastR65.9
Stir Fry
Chicken Stir Fry & Plain RiceR49.9
Beef Stir Fry & Plain RiceR52.9
Vegetarian Meals
Veggie BurgerR38.9
Stir Fry & RiceR49.9
Veggie SchwarmaR41.9
Special Meals
Chicken Kebab in RollR30.9
Chicken Kebab in Roll + 1 SideR42.9
Chicken Livers & Portuguese RollR38.9
Chicken Livers & Portuguese Roll + 1 SideR50.9
Portuguese Galito RollR39.9
Portuguese Galito Roll + 1 SideR51.9
Trinchado & Portuguese RollR39.9
Trinchado & Portuguese Roll + 1 SideR51.9
2 KebabsR40.9
2 Kebabs + 1 SideR52.9
6 Dippa WingsR49.9
6 Dippa Wings + 1 SideR60.9
Kids Meals
Kids Burger MealsR47.9
Kids Strips & ChipsR47.9
Chips – RegularR19.9
Chips – LargeR27.9
Chips – JumboR32.9
Potato Wedges – RegularR19.9
Potato Wedges – LargeR27.9
Potato Wedges – JumboR32.9
Pap & Tomato Relish – RegularR19.9
Pap & Tomato Relish – LargeR27.9
Pap & Tomato Relish – JumboR32.9
Spicy Rice – RegularR19.9
Spicy Rice – LargeR27.9
Spicy Rice – JumboR32.9
Potato Salad – RegularR19.9
Potato Salad – LargeR27.9
Potato Salad – JumboR32.9
Coleslaw – RegularR19.9
Coleslaw – LargeR27.9
Coleslaw – JumboR32.9
Garden Salad – RegularR19.9
Garden Salad – LargeR27.9
Garden Salad – JumboR32.9
Spinach & Feta – RegularR19.9
Spinach & Feta – LargeR27.9
Spinach & Feta – JumboR32.9
3 Bean Salad – RegularR19.9
3 Bean Salad – LargeR27.9
3 Bean Salad – JumboR32.9
Garden SaladR19.9
Mediterranean SaladR28.9
Chicken SaladR48.9
Local Favourites
Bafana MealR35.9
Super Bafana MealR57.9
Mega Bafana MealR89.9

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