Burger Perfect Menu Prices South Africa

Burger Perfect is one of the best burger restaurants in South Africa. Burger Perfect is a proud Hamburger restaurant that offers its customers only the best quality service, products and prices.

The restaurant’s vision is to be the most loved burger restaurant chain in South Africa and our mission is to WOW its customers with delicious food, attentive service and value for money.

The menu features items such as salads, burgers, combos, toasties, rolls, wraps, chicken, ribs, sides and pizzas. They also have a special menu that changes from time to time so that our customers can always try something new.

Their kiddie’s meals are designed with both nutrition and fun in mind and include a toy with every meal. So if you’re looking for a great burger restaurant in South Africa, Burger Perfect is a perfect place spot!

Here is the latest Burger perfect menu with prices in South Africa:

Perfect Burgers
Beef BurgerR52
Chilli Beef Burger – HotR54
Beef Cheese BurgerR58
Ultra Perfect Beef BurgerR82
Chicken Halloumi Sweet Chilli BurgerR70
Rib BurgerR52
Chicken BurgerR52
Chilli Chicken Burger – HotR54
Chicken Cheese BurgerR58
Beef Bacon Cheese BurgerR68
Chicken Bacon Cheese BurgerR68
Beef Bacon Egg Cheese BurgerR74
Chicken Bacon Egg Cheese BurgerR74
Beef Bacon Avo BurgerR73
Chicken Bacon Avo BurgerR73
Ultra Perfect Chicken BurgerR82
Beef Halloumi Sweet Chilli BurgerR70
Boerie BurgerR47
Perfect Burger ComboR88
Perfect Cheese Burger ComboR94
Ultra Perfect Burger ComboR123
Rib Burger ComboR87
Crumbed Steak Roll ComboR127
Cheese Griller ComboR105
Perfect Salads
Greek SaladR47
Italian SaladR48
Chicken SaladR56
Miami SaladR65
Halloumi SaladR64
Perfect Wraps
Chicken & HalloumiR73
Chicken, Bacon & AvoR73
Chicken, Avo & FetaR69
Perfect Rolls
Crumbed Steak Roll 150GrR97
Steak Roll 150GrR91
Cheese Griller DogR67
Breakfast Roll with CheeseR48
Crumbed Chicken Fillet RollR76
Chicken Fillet RollR70
Breakfast RollR42
Perfect Toasties
Toasted Chicken Fillet and Mayonnaise ToastieR50
Bacon, Cheese and Tomato ToastieR47
Bacon and Egg ToastieR47
Bacon and Cheese ToastieR46
Cheese and Tomato ToastieR38
Cheese ToastieR36
Perfect Chicken
Chicken StripsR40
Chicken WingsR51
Perfect Sides
Large ChipsR34
Regular ChipsR28
Any Time Specials
Anytime SpecialR91
Perfect Ribs
Double Rack Of Ribs and ChipsR272
Single Rack Of Ribs and ChipsR156
Riblets and ChipsR82
30 cm Perfect Classic Pizza
30 cm Chourizo PizzaR134
30 cm Mexicana PizzaR140
30 cm Hawaiian PizzaR117
30 cm Margherita PizzaR96
30 cm Veg Exotico PizzaR125
30 cm Miami PizzaR143
30 cm Geroni PizzaR109
30 cm Spare Rib PizzaR140
30 cm Bolognese PizzaR134
30 cm Siciliana PizzaR117
30 cm El Greco PizzaR128
30 cm La Med PizzaR125
30 cm Regina PizzaR117
30 cm Las Vegas PizzaR123
30 cm Europa PizzaR134
30 cm Tiri PizzaR117
30 cm Vegetarian PizzaR109
30 cm BBQ Chicken PizzaR134
30 cm Four Seasons PizzaR128
30 cm California PizzaR140
30 cm Chicken and Bacon PizzaR143
30 cm Steak PizzaR140
30 cm Tikka Chicken PizzaR143
30 cm Bacon PizzaR123
30 cm Chicken Livers PizzaR117
30 cm Mafiosa PizzaR104
30 cm Bacon and Banana PizzaR117
30 cm Spicy Chicken PizzaR140
30 cm Chicken Mayonnaise PizzaR134
30 cm Cheesy Nachos PizzaR123
30 cm La Nonna PizzaR140
30 cm Pepperoni PizzaR117
30 cm Pulled Pork Original PizzaR132
23 cm Perfect Classic Pizza
23 cm Mexicana PizzaR103
23 cm Pepperoni PizzaR85
23 cm Miami PizzaR106
23 cm Veg Exotico PizzaR92
23 cm Margherita PizzaR70
23 cm Hawaiian PizzaR85
23 cm La Nonna PizzaR103
23 cm Europa PizzaR96
23 cm Chicken and Bacon PizzaR106
23 cm Bacon PizzaR87
23 cm El Greco PizzaR94
23 cm Chicken Livers PizzaR85
23 cm Las Vegas PizzaR87
23 cm California PizzaR103
23 cm Tiri PizzaR85
23 cm Regina PizzaR85
23 cm Bacon and Banana PizzaR85
23 cm Geroni PizzaR79
23 cm Cheesy Nachos PizzaR87
23 cm Bolognese PizzaR96
23 cm Four Seasons PizzaR94
23 cm La Med PizzaR92
23 cm Siciliana PizzaR85
23 cm Steak PizzaR103
23 cm BBQ Chicken PizzaR96
23 cm Mafiosa PizzaR76
23 cm Spicy Chicken PizzaR103
23 cm Chicken MayoR96
23 cm Vegetarian PizzaR79
23 cm Tikka Chicken PizzaR106
23 cm Pulled Pork Original PizzaR99
Perfect Deluxe Pizza
Chicken Nachos PizzaR161
Bella Deluxe PizzaR149
Perfect Deluxe PizzaR144
Mystic Deluxe PizzaR143
The Godfather Deluxe PizzaR174
Mince Nachos PizzaR163
Caribbean Deluxe PizzaR143
Sweet and Sour Chicken Deluxe PizzaR144
Maestro Deluxe PizzaR168
Carnivoris Deluxe PizzaR144
Pulled Pork Peppadew Deluxe PizzaR154
Perfect Pastas
Lasagne Creme PastaR109
Spaghetti Bolognese PastaR97
Original Lasagne PastaR97
Chicken Lasagne PastaR97
Cannelloni Spinach & RicottaR97
Perfect Subs
Miami SubR65
Steak SubR62
Vegetarian SubR56
Perfect SubsR76
Hawaiian SubR56
La Nonna SubR62
Mexicana SubR61
Spicy Chicken SubR61
Pulled Pork SubsR70
Supreme Garlic BreadR48
Original Garlic BreadR40
Kiddies Meal
Kids Chicken Strips MealR63
Kids Burger MealR63
Mac & Cheese MealR81
Spaghetti Bolognaise MealR81
Kids Pizza MealR63
Cold Drinks
Mineral Water 500ml StillR13
Character JuiceR15
Liqui FruitR22
Liptons Ice Tea RangeR22
A.B.I 2LR35

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