Chesa Nyama Menu Prices South Africa


The Chesa Nyama menu is a favourite among diners all across South Africa.

Featuring traditional dishes like braai, samp and beans, and stews cooked over an open fire, this eclectic offering truly captures the spirit of the country.

Each dish is filled with rich flavours and bold spices that reflect the cultural diversity of South Africa.

And with such a wide selection available on the Chesa Nyama menu, there’s something for every palate!

So if you’re looking to get a true taste of South African cuisine, look no further than this acclaimed restaurant.

Here are the Chesa Nyama menu prices in South Africa:

1 x Short Rib Rasher & Small ChipsR34.9
100 Russian & Regular ChipsR31.9
6 x Snack Wings & Regular Chips ( Hot Or Not )R49.9
12 x Snack Wings & Regular Chips ( Hot or Not )R84.9
Cheeseburger & Regular ChipsR55.9
Crazy BurgerR41.9
Crazy Burger & Regular ChipsR51.9
Crazy Burger & Regular Chips + 300ML Pet CokeR61.9
Flame Double Cheese BurgerR64.9
Flame Double Cheese Burger & Regular ChipsR74.9
Beast Burger With 4 x 100g Beef PattiesR109.9
Beast Burger & Regular Chips With 4 x 100g Beef PattiesR119.9
Meat Braaicuts
150g Chesa WorsR32.90
150 Chesa Wors & Regular Pap & GravyR42.90
150g Chesa Wors & Regular ChipsR42.90
200 BrisketR49.90
200G Brisket With Regular Pap & GravyR59.90
200G Brisket With Regular ChipsR59.90
Beef Stew & Regular PapR44.90
Add 500ml Bonaqua WaterR54.90
200g ChuckR49.90
200g Chuck With Regular Pap & GravyR59.90
200g Chuck And Regular ChipsR59.90
300g Club SteakR89.90
300 Club Steak With Regular Pap & GravyR99.90
300g Club Steak & Regular ChipsR99.90
Snack Box Russian, Drumstick & Regular ChipsR43.90
Add 350ml PredatorR53.90
Braai Box 1/4 Chicken, 150g Wors, Regular Pap & GravyR72.90
Meat Braai Box 200g Brisket, 150 Wors, Regular Pap & Gravy & ColeslawR89.90
Add 300ml StoneyR89.90
Lunch Box Thigh, 150g Wors, Regular ChipsR64.90
Family Meals
Family Chicken Meal Full Chicken, Large Chips, 2x Rolls & ColesLawR194.90
Famous Wors Meal 1m Wors, Large Chips & 2x Rolls add 1.5L Coke ZeroR220.90
Family Braai Meal 2x Wors, 2x Brisket, 2x Thighs & LargeChipsR269.90
Chesa 300g RibsR89.90
Chesa 300g Ribs & Regular Pap & GravyR96.90
Chesa 300g Ribs with Regular ChipsR96.90
Full ChickenR133.90
Full Chicken + Large Pap & GravyR174.90
Full Chicken & Large ChipsR174.90
Sides & Other
Portuguese RollR7.9
Pap & RelishR12.9
Kiddies Meal
Kiddies Burger & Small ChipsR27.90
Add 200m Cappy BurstR33.90

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