Col’Cacchio Menu Prices South Africa

Col’Cacchio is a popular pizza restaurant in South Africa that is known for its delicious artisanal wood-fired pizzas. Col’Cacchio offers a wide variety of menu items, including mouthwatering pastas, gourmet salads, and delicious desserts.

The restaurant has a casual atmosphere and is a great place to go with friends or family. The service is attentive and the staff is friendly. The prices are reasonable and the food is of good quality. Overall, Col’Cacchio is a great option for a casual meal or night out.

In addition to its signature pizzas, Col’Cacchio also offers a selection of antipasti, soups, and salads. The menu is constantly changing to reflect the seasonality of the ingredients.

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner, Col’Cacchio is sure to please.

Col’Cacchio Menu Prices in South Africa

Here is the latest Col’Cacchio Menu with Prices in South Africa:

Gourmet Pizza
 Ortigiano PizzaR148
 Quattro Formaggi PizzaR148
 Spicotta PizzaR148
 Prostituto PizzaR148
 Hollywood Scene PizzaR148
 Sedriano PizzaR148
 Stagionata PizzaR154
 Forresta PizzaR160
 The Moghul PizzaR167
 Lazio PizzaR173
 Morituri PizzaR179
 Nacho Libre PizzaR179
 Cosi Verde PizzaR173
 Carne PizzaR179
 Arrosto PizzaR185
 Smokey Babe PizzaR197
 Zucca PizzaR191
 Inferno PizzaR216
Classic Pizzas
 Margherita PizzaR94
 Vegan Margherita PizzaR117
 Strega PizzaR117
 Esotica PizzaR121
 Regina PizzaR121
 Principessa PizzaR130
 Maturo PizzaR130
 Autunno PizzaR130
 Otomi PizzaR130
 Siciliana PizzaR136
 Norms Pralina PizzaR130
 Brie PizzaR136
 Isolano PizzaR142
 Wildini PizzaR122
 Festa PizzaR110
 Chi Chi PizzaR122
 Mozzafiato PizzaR148
Carb Concious
Banting MargheritaR94
Banting ReginaR121
 Banting ForestaR160
Banting Morituri PizzaR179
Banting Nacho LibreR179
Vitality HealthyDining
 Vegetariano Antipasto (VIT)R108
 Piatto Di Fresco (VIT)R167
 Beef Carpaccio (VIT)R108
 Abbruzo Wrap (VIT)R75
 Allegro Wrap (VIT)R80
 Frattellino Wrap (VIT)R80
 Melanzane (VIT)R110
 Banting Beef Lasagne (VIT)R123
 Zuchetti Bolognaise (VIT)R137
 Zuchetti Meatballs (VIT)R150
 Zuchetti Pomodoro (VIT)R113
 Allentante Salad (VIT)R62
 Cambiato Salad (VIT)R62
 Lenticchie Salad (VIT)R68
 Avellino Salad (VIT)R130
 Brioso Salad (VIT)R122
 Broccolo Salad (VIT)R111
 Caesar Salad (VIT)R87
 Caprese (VIT)R111
 Chiaro Salad (VIT)R173
 Cranbeet Salad (VIT)R99
 Greek Salad (VIT)R80
 Giardino Salad (VIT)R111
Greek Side Salad (VIT)R56
 Green Salad (VIT)R99
 Manderin Salad (VIT)R110
 Molto Salad (VIT)R122
 Oriental Salad (VIT)R130
 Pera Salad (VIT)R99
 San Siro Salad (VIT)R99
 Wasa-Bee Salad (VIT)R130
 Sorrento Salad (VIT)R105
 Volatilia Salad (VIT)R130
 Nacho Libre Banting Pizza (VIT)R179
 Margherita Banting Pizza (VIT)R94
 Chi Chi Pizza Insalata (VIT)R122
 Cosi Verde Pizza Insalata (VIT)R173
 Inferno Pizza Insalata (VIT)R216
 Isolano Pizza Insalata (VIT)R142
 Lazio Pizza Insalata (VIT)R173
 Nacho Libre Pizza Insalata (VIT)R179
 Otomi Pizza Insalata (VIT)R130
 Principessa Pizza Insalata (VIT)R130
 Vegan Margherita Pizza Insalata (VIT)R117
 Zucca Pizza Insalata (VIT)R191
 Margherita Pizza Insalata (VIT)R94
 Ortigiano Pizza Insalata (VIT)R148
 Strega Pizza Insalata (VIT)R117
 Festa Pizza Insalata (VIT)R110
 Bambini Pomodoro Pasta (VIT)R61
 Bambini Bolognaise (VIT)R68
 Bambini Spaghetti & Meatballs (VIT)R68
 Greek SaladR80
Greek SideR56
 Caesar SaladR87
 Green SaladR99
 Pera SaladR99
 San SiroR99
 Manderin SaladR110
 Volatilia SaladR130
 Molto SaladR122
 Oriental SaladR130
Main Meals
 Pollo LimoneR148
 Pollo MilaneseR154
 Filetto Di ManzoR265
Celebrity Chefs Series
 Kwesta Dakhai PizzaR145
 Lorna’s D’Lite PizzaR145
 Mini Pizza Bread Feta and OnionR50
 Mini Pizza Bread GarlicR37
 Mini Pizza Bread HerbR37
 Piatto Di FrescoR167
Kiddies Meals
Kids MargheritaR56
 Kids Esotica PizzaR68
 Kids Tropicale PizzaR68
Kids Regina PizzaR68
 Kids Bolognaise PastaR68
Kids Spaghetti and MeatballsR68
Kids Pomodoro PastaR61
 Kids LasagneR68
 Kids Funghi Bianco PastaR68
 Blu FormaggiR130
 Spaghetti and VegballsR130
 Saucy MeatballsR130
 Crema Di GamberiR148
 Funghi BiancoR148
 Manzo RaguR167
 Home-Made LasagnaR130
Cielo PastaR142
1/2 and 1/2 Pizza
1/2 Vegan MargheritaR64
1/2 StregaR66
1/2 EsoticaR64
1/2 ReginaR67
1/2 PrincipessaR72
1/2 Maturo PizzaR72
 1/2 AutunnoR72
1/2 Otomi PizzaR72
1/2 Norms PralinaR72
 1/2 SicilianaR74
1/2 BrieR74
1/2 IsolanoR79
 1/2 WildiniR68
1/2 OrtigianoR82
 1/2 Quattro FormaggiR82
 1/2 SpicottaR82
 1/2 ProstitutoR82
1/2 Hollywood SceneR82
1/2 SedrianoR82
1/2 StagionataR82
1/2 ForestaR89
1/2 The MoghulR92
1/2 Lazio PizzaR95
1/2 MorituriR99
1/2 Nacho LibreR99
1/2 Cosi VerdeR95
1/2 CarneR99
1/2 ArrostoR101
1/2 Smokey BabeR109
1/2 ZuccaR105
1/2 InfernoR119
 1/2 FestaR61
 1/2 Chi ChiR68
1/2 MargheritaR52
1/2 MozzafiatoR82
 1/2 ParmaR95
 Chocolate PizzaR62
Coffee MilkshakeR55
Vanilla MilkshakeR47
Bar One MilkshakeR55
Berry MilkshakeR55
Salted Caramel MilkshakeR55
 Nutella PancakeR74
 Apple TartR62
 Citrus PancakeR62
 Chocolate BrowniesR74
 Vanilla SundaeR68
Bos Iced Tea PeachR32
Bos Iced Tea LemonR32
 Soda CanR24
Mineral Water SparklingR16
Mineral Water StillR16
Red BullR44
Red Bull Sugar FreeR44
Light Meals
 Allegro WrapR80
Abruzzo WrapR80
 Allentante SaladR62
 Salubre PastaR74
 Mostarda PizzaR80
 Pulsante PizzaR74
 Piccolo Pepperoni PizzaR74
Bos Iced Tea PeachR32
Bos Iced Tea LemonR32
Soda CanR24
Mineral Water SparklingR16
Mineral Water StillR16
Red BullR44
Red Bull Sugar FreeR44

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