Debonairs Menu Prices South Africa

When it comes to pizza, there are few options that can rival the deliciousness of a fresh, hot slice of Debonairs.

With multiple locations throughout South Africa, this popular pizzeria has been delighting tastebuds for years with its incredible menu featuring everything from classic cheese to spicy jalapeno and so much more.

Whether you’re in the mood for a large traditional pie or a small personal pizza, Debonairs has got you covered with an unbeatable selection of toppings and sauces to choose from.

And don’t forget to top it off with one of their mouthwatering sides like garlic bread, wings, or even cheesy dips!

And if you’re craving some delicious sides to go with your pizza, there are plenty to choose from as well – from spicy chicken wings and cheesy garlic bread to crunchy salads and decadent chocolate brownies.

Specialty Pizzas
Triple-Decker (small)R64.9
Triple-Decker (large)R164.9
Pizza Menu
Club Meat Pizza (small)R47.9
Club Meat Pizza (medium)R79.9
Club Meat Pizza (large)R114.9
Something Meaty (small)R47.9
Something Meaty (medium)R79.9
Something Meaty (large)R114.9
Beef Steak & Mushroom (small)R41.9
Beef Steak & Mushroom (medium)R71.9
Beef Steak & Mushroom (large)R106.9
Mexican Fiesta (small)R41.9
Mexican Fiesta (medium)R69.9
Mexican Fiesta (large)R101.9
Four Seasons (small)R41.9
Four Seasons (medium)R69.9
Four Seasons (large)R101.9
Hawaiian (small)R36.9
Hawaiian (medium)R64.9
Hawaiian (large)R89.9
Tikka Chicken (small)R47.9
Tikka Chicken (medium)R79.9
Tikka Chicken (large)R114.9
Chicken & Mushroom (small)R41.9
Chicken & Mushroom (medium)R71.9
Chicken & Mushroom (large)R106.9
Sweet Chilli Chicken (small)R39.9
Sweet Chilli Chicken (medium)R67.9
Sweet Chilli Chicken (large)R99.9
BBQ Chicken (small)R39.9
BBQ Chicken (medium)R67.9
BBQ Chicken (large)R99.9
Sweet & Sour Chicken (small)R38.9
Sweet & Sour Chicken (medium)R66.9
Sweet & Sour Chicken (large)R94.9
Original Veggie (small)R36.9
Original Veggie (medium)R64.9
Original Veggie (large)R89.9
3 Cheese (small)R35.9
3 Cheese (medium)R61.9
3 Cheese (large)R86.9
Red Hot Veggie (small)R35.9
Red Hot Veggie (medium)R61.9
Red Hot Veggie (large)R86.9
Classic Margherita (small)R22.9
Classic Margherita (medium)R45.9
Classic Margherita (large)R64.9
+Double StackR44.9
+Crammed CrustR49.9
Death By ChocolateR64.9
Donut DippersR64.9
BBQ Chicken WingsR54.9
Cocktail Cheese GrillersR39.9
Cheese & Garlic Bread RipperR34.9
Extra Toppings (large pizza)
Standard Extra ToppingsR9.9
Premium Extra ToppingsR12.9
High-Premium Extra ToppingsR20.9
Extra CheeseR20.9
Regular Subs
Something Meaty SubR79.9
Club SubR79.9
Tikka Chicken SubR77.9
Chicken & Mushroom SubR74.9
Sweet & Sour Chicken SubR69.9
Vegetarian SubR66.9
Cheese & Garlic SubR59.9

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