Hungry Lion Menu Prices South Africa

Hungry Lion is one of the best restaurant chains in South Africa that offers a wide variety of menu items. The Value Meals are great for those who are looking for a quick and affordable meal, while the Burgers and Family Meals offer more substantial options.

The Buckets & Variety Buckets are perfect for sharing, and the Zamba Spicy Winglets are a delicious way to add some spice to your meal. The Extras include sides and dipping sauces, while the Beverages include soft drinks, juices and mineral water.

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a fuller meal, Hungry Lion has something to suit your needs.

Value Meals
Big Bite 2R39.9
4 Piece MealR76.9
King ComboR78.9
Snack PackR38.9
Zamba Spicy DeluxeR62.9
Hungry Lion MixR39.9
Zamba Wing ItR29.9
Big Bite 3R56.9
Double Big Boss BurgerR56.9
Big Boss BurgerR44.9
Dixie BurgerR22.9
Dixie Cheese BurgerR24.9
Double Dixie Cheese BurgerR38.9
Double Dixie BurgerR32.9
Big Boss Cheese BurgerR46.9
Munch BurgerR36.9
Double Munch BurgerR47.9
Double Munch MealR69.9
Big Boss Burger MealR59.9
2 X Big Boss Burger MealR119.8
Family Meals
Party MealR149.9
Jumbo MealR194.9
Festive FeastR142.9
Mega MealR127.9
King’S FeastR269.9
Buckets & Variety Buckets
7 Piece BucketR134.9
9 Piece BucketR142.9
15 Piece BucketR234.9
21 Piece BucketR314.9
12 Piece Variety BucketR164.9
26 Piece Variety BucketR274.9
20 Piece Variety BucketR224.9
Zamba Spicy Winglets
4 Zamba WingletsR29.9
7 Zamba WingletsR46.9
12 Zamba WingletsR72.9
20 Zamba WingletsR134.9
Zamba Wing ComboR62.9
Regular Chips 150GR18.9
Large Chips 250GR24.9
Extra Large Chips 500GR37.9
Dixie RollR8.9
Mini LoafR9.9
1 PieceR19.9
300ml CanR14.9
440ml BottleR16.9
500ml WaterR15.9
1L DrinkR24.9

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