KFC Menu Prices South Africa

Are you looking for the latest KFC menu with prices for your favourite items?

Here, you will find the most comprehensive and up-to-date price list of all KFC items in South Africa – from Family Buckets to Zinger Burgers, Wraps, Rice Boxes, and all the sides.

Plus, they have a range of classic chicken meals such as Colonel’s Classic, Chicken Littles and Family Meals that include a selection of delicious wings and drumsticks.

Choose from KFC’s health-conscious options like grilled chicken or stick with fried favourites – either way you won’t be disappointed!

Keep in mind that menu prices may be slightly higher than those of other fast-food restaurants due to their commitment to healthier options.

Don’t wait any longer – get the most accurate prices on KFC now!

KFC Menu Prices in South Africa

KFC Burgers & Twisters Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Double Crunch BurgerZAR49.90
Colonel BurgerZAR39.90
Zinger BurgerZAR39.90
Snack BurgerZAR16.90
Crunch BurgerZAR24.90
Wrapsta TwisterZAR26.90
Boxmaster TwisterZAR49.90
Classic TwisterZAR39.90
Sweet Chilli TwisterZAR39.90
Grilled Classic TwisterZAR39.90

KFC Sides Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrices
1 Piece ChickenZAR17.90
Zinger WingsZAR24.90
Dunked WingsZAR29.90
Mash GravyZAR10.90
Mini LoafZAR6.90
Green SaladsZAR29.90
Regular Sprinkle PopsZAR30.90

KFC Streetwise Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrices
Streetwise One with Large ChipsZAR19.90
Streetwise Two with ChipsZAR32.90
Streetwise Three with ChipsZAR45.90
Streetwise Five with Large ChipsZAR81.90
Streetwise One with MashZAR19.90
Streetwise Three with PapZAR45.90
Streetwise Two with PapZAR31.90

KFC Box Meals Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrices
Wrapsta Box With Regular DrinkZAR49.90
Wrapsta Box With Buddy BottleZAR54.90
Fully Loaded Box Meal OriginalZAR79.90
All Star Lunch Box With Regular DrinkZAR59.90
All Star Lunch Box With Buddy DrinkZAR64.90
Chicken Lunch Box With Regular DrinkZAR49.90
Chicken Lunch Box With Buddy DrinkZAR54.90

KFC Drinks Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrices
Sparkling KrusherZAR17.90
Soft Drink Buddy BottleZAR15.90
Soft Drink 1LZAR19.90
Soft Drink 2LZAR26.90
Still Water 500mlZAR12.90
Hot ChocolateZAR21.90
Five Roses TeaZAR13.90

KFC Buckets Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrices
9 Piece Chicken BucketZAR122.90
15 Piece Chicken BucketZAR199.90
21 Piece Chicken BucketZAR264.90
4 Dunked WingsZAR29.90
10 Dunked WingsZAR64.90
4 Zinger WingsZAR24.90
10 Zinger WingsZAR54.90
24 Wings BucketZAR129.90

KFC Family Meals Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrices
Family Treat 10 – 10 piece chicken, 2 large chips, 3 sidesZAR214.90
Family Treat 8 – 8 piece chicken, 2 large chips, 3 sidesZAR195.90
Family Treat 6 – 6 piece chicken, 2 large chips, 3 sidesZAR172.90
KFC Feast 6 – 6 piece chicken, 3 mini loaves, 2 gravyZAR109.90
KFC Feast 8 – 8 piece chicken, 3 mini loaves, 2 gravyZAR134.90

KFC Breakfast Menu Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Brekkie Crunch WrapZAR26.90
AM Toasted Chicken & Mayo MealZAR44.90
AM Toasted Tomato & Cheese MealZAR44.90
Toasted Egg & Cheese MealZAR44.90
AM Deluxe BurgerZAR42.90
AM Riser Burger With Snack PattyZAR24.90
AM Riser Burger With Hash BrownZAR24.90
AM Mini Twister With Hash BrownZAR23.90
AM Snacker BurgerZAR14.90
AM Snacker Burger With Snack PattyZAR19.90
Toasted Chicken Mayo OnlyZAR24.90
Toasted Cheese & Tomato OnlyZAR24.90
Toasted Egg & Cheese OnlyZAR24.90

KFC Desserts Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrices
Oreo KrusherZAR26.90
Verry Berry KrusherZAR26.90
Soft Serve TwirlZAR5.90
Soft Serve Twirl with ChochZAR9.90
Chocolate SundaeZAR17.90
Mixed Berry SundaeZAR17.90

KFC South Africa FAQ

KFC Closes at What Time? KFC typically closes at 10 PM local time. However, exact closing times may vary depending on location and the day of the week. Also, holidays may have an influence on the closing hours.

What Time Does KFC Open? KFC typically opens at 10 AM most days, however, the exact opening hours may vary depending on location. Also, days of the week and holidays may affect the opening hours.

Where in Sa Was KFC First Restaurant Located? The first KFC restaurant in South Africa was opened in Orange Grove, Johannesburg in Gauteng on December 16, 1971.

Who Is KFC Owner in South Africa? The current owner of KFC in South Africa is Yum Brands. Yum! Brands Inc., based in Louisville. YUM! Brands acquired KFC South Africa on February 28th, 2007 from Questco (Pty) Ltd for an estimated $25 million. They have since owned the franchise and have been operating it within South Africa ever since.

How Much KFC Bucket? The cost of KFC buckets varies depending on the size, location and availability in South Africa.

Generally, an Original Recipe Bucket which feeds 4-6 people costs approximately R149.99; a Hot & Spicy Bucket which is also for 4-6 people costs around R159.99; and a Zinger Tower Burger meal which serves 1 person is priced at R65.99.

Meal bundles such as the Family Feast or Bargain Basket are also available from time to time with prices ranging from around R179 – 249.

How Much Are Dunked Wings at KFC? KFC’s prices for dunked wings vary by location in South Africa. Generally, you can expect to pay around R78.50 for a 12-piece box of KFC dunked wings. However, prices may vary depending on the size of the order and the specific KFC restaurant you visit.

What Do the KFC Easter Buckets Represent? The KFC Easter Buckets represent a fun and festive way to celebrate Easter. The buckets often contain a variety of different food items from the popular fast-food chain, making it an easy and convenient go-to for celebration.

The image of the bucket has become synonymous with Easter festivities, suggesting that even during the holiday time people can enjoy good food and have a good time together.

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