King Pie Menu Prices South Africa

King Pie is one of the best restaurants in South Africa, with a menu full of delicious options like Large Pies, Double Filla Pies, Burger Pies, Footlong Rolls, Combo Meals, Chips, Cocktail Pies, Snack Pies and Junior Meals.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, King Pie has you covered – and everything is always fresh and mouth-wateringly good. Plus, their portions are generous so you’re sure to leave feeling satisfied.

In addition to great food, King Pie also offers excellent customer service – they’re always friendly and accommodating, making sure you have a wonderful dining experience from start to finish. If you’re ever in South Africa, be sure to swing by King Pie – you won’t regret it!

Here are the latest King Pie menu prices in South Africa:

Large Pies
Pepper SteakR25
Steak & KidneyR25
Salami & CheeseR25
Spinach & FetaR25
Steak & OnionR25
Sausage RollR25
Double Filla Pies
Pepper SteakR29.5
Steak & KidneyR29.5
Steak & CheeseR29.5
Chicken MushroomR29.5
Chicken MayoR29.5
Burger Pies
Beef BurgerR31
Chicken BurgerR31
Cheese BurgerR33
Peri-Peri Chicken BurgerR31
Prego Beef BurgerR31
Footlong Rolls
Boerie RollR33
Russian RollR33
Combo Meals
Shesha Meal – Snack Pie, Regular Chips, BuddyR32
Super Saver Meal – Large Pie, Chips Or BuddyR36
Kings Meal – Large Pie, Chips, BuddyR49.5
Royal Meal – Double Filla Pie, Chips, BuddyR53
Burger Meal – Burger Pie, Chips, BuddyR56.5
Footlong Meal – Footlong Roll, Chips, BuddyR59
Family Meal – 4x Large Pies, 4x Regular Chips, 1.5l CokeR150
Value Meal – Large Pies, Regular ChipsR34
2x RegularR30
2x LargeR35
Cocktail Pies
Sausage RollR6.5
Cheese & OnionR6.5
4 Cocktail PiesR24
Snack Pies
Sticky RibR12
Mac & Cheese With SalamiR12
Creamy VegR12
Hot DogR12
Junior Meal
X2 Cocktail Pies + Regular ChipsR25

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