Konka Soweto Menu Prices South Africa

Konka Soweto is one of the hottest nightclubs in the city, renowned for its exciting atmosphere and eclectic music selection.

Whether you’re looking to dance all night, catch up with your friends over drinks, or enjoy some cool beats, Konka Soweto is the place to be.

The club features expansive dance floors, each with its own DJ and sound system, so you can always find a style of music that suits you.

And with a VIP lounge and plenty of high-end drink options, you’ll feel like a celebrity as soon as you step foot inside.

Konka offers a diverse and exciting selection of drinks for its patrons to enjoy.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic cocktail, an artisanal craft beer, or a refreshing glass of wine, they’ve got something to suit every taste.

Konka Soweto Menu with Prices in South Africa

One of their most popular beer is the Heineken. At just R25 a bottle, this classic lager is the perfect choice for people who are looking for a quality beer at an affordable price.

And if Heineken isn’t your thing, they also offer other great options like Stella Artois and Corona.

So whether you’re looking to quench your thirst after a long day at work or just enjoying a night out with some friends, Konka is the place to go for unbeatable deals on premium beers.

Stella ArtoisR30

The Brutal Fruit Spritzer is by far the most affordable at just R25 per bottle, making it an excellent option for those on a tight budget.

For those who are willing to splurge a bit, the Ice Tropez and Ice Tropez Zero ciders offer additional flavour options with more sophisticated tastes.

At a cost of R150 per bottle, these premium ciders are definitely worth the investment if you’re looking for a truly luxurious drinking experience.

Brutal Fruit SpritzerR25
Savanna DryR25
Ice TropezR150
Ice Tropez ZeroR150

Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet and fruity, or you prefer something classic and smooth, Konka has a wide range of vodkas and gins to suit every taste.

From Ciroc Apple, with its crisp and refreshing flavour, to Tanqueray, with its refreshing citrus notes, there’s something for everyone at this trendy bar and restaurant.

And if you’re looking for something a little extra special, why not try one of their signature cocktails? They offer concoctions like the Apple Sangria, made with Ciroc Apple vodka, or their Midnight Mule, which blends vodka with ginger beer and lime juice to create an undeniably delicious drink.

Tanqueray 10R900
Inver Roche ClassicR1,000
Inver Roche AmberR1,000
Malfy Gin RosaR950

With a wide range of delicious cocktails on offer, Konka is the perfect place to come for an indulgent night out.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic drink like the Mohito or something a little more adventurous like our Spicy Iced Tea, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste at Konka.

Their cocktail menu features options at all different price points, with most ranging from around R65-R100.

Ginger BulletR100
Flower EssenceR95
Citrus CollinR90
Konka BarryR85
Classic MojitoR65
Orange Light GaritaR95
The Spicy Ice TeaR95
The Italian G&TR95

If you’re a true tequila aficionado, then you know that nothing compares to the pure, fiery goodness of Don Julio tequila.

Whether you prefer a classic white tequila or one of the premium expressions like Don Julio 1942, the quality and flavour of this world-renowned spirit are simply unmatched.

And at these prices, it’s no wonder that people say that if you love tequila shots, then you have to be willing to pay a premium for quality.

Don JulioR1,200
Don Julio 1942R7,500
Casa AzulR5,500

If you’re a whisky lover, then there’s something for you on Konka’s awesome menu. They have the legendary Johnnie Walker Whisky, which ranges in price from R1400 to R5000.

The cheapest whisky they offer is the ever-popular Jameson Irish Whiskey, which is priced at just R850. For those looking for an upgrade, they also offer the delicious Johnnie Walker Green Label, which goes for R2900.

But if you really want to treat yourself, there’s no better choice than their top-of-the-line spirit: the luxurious Johnnie Walker Blue Label, which goes for an impressive R5000.

For even more premium spirits at great prices, Konka also offers a wide range of whiskies from Glenfiddich, which range in price from just R1200 up to a whopping R12000 for their fan-favourite Glenfiddich 26.

Whether you prefer your whiskies rich and smoky or smooth and sweet, there’s sure to be something on Konka’s remarkable menu that will make your wildest whisky dreams come true!

Glenmorangie 10R1,000
Glenmorangie 12R1,300
Glenfiddich 12R1,200
Glenfiddich 15R1,800
Glenfiddich 18R3,600
Glenfiddich 21R7,000
Glenfiddich 26R1,200
Johnnie Walker BlackR900
Johnnie Walker GoldR1,800
Johnnie Walker GreenR2,900
Johnnie Walker BlueR5,000
Hennessy VSR1,000
Hennessy VSOPR1,700
Hennessy XOR5,500
Courvoisier  VSR1,000
Courvoisier  VSOPR1,700
Courvoisier  XOR5,000
Macallan 12 Double TaskR1,200
Macallan 12 Triple TaskR1,200
Macallan 15 Double TaskR1,800
Macallan 15 Triple TaskR3,500
Jameson Irish WhiskeyR850
Jameson Select ReserveR1,300
Martel VSR900
Martel VSOPR1,500
Remy Martin VSOPR1,700
Remy Martin XOR6,000
Chivas XVR1,000
Chivas Regal 18R2,400

Konka’s champagne list is truly impressive, with an extensive range of premium and high-end brands spanning a wide range of price points.

Whether you are in the mood for something more affordable or are looking to splurge on the most luxurious options, there is something on Konka’s list to delight even the most discerning connoisseur.

At the lower end of the scale, classic options such as Moet Brut and Dom Luminous are available at affordable prices, while those looking to indulge in the finest champagne will be thrilled to discover that expensive bottles like Armand De Brignac Rose and GH Mumm go for well over R10,000 each.

Overall, Konka’s vast and varied champagne list offers something for everyone, making it one of the premier destinations in the world for fans of this exquisite spirit.

Moet BrutR1,300
Moet Brut RoseR1,500
Moet NectarR1,700
Moet Nectar RoseR2,000
Moet IceR2,200
Veuve BrutR1,700
Veuve RoseR1,000
Veuve RichR2,200
Veuve Rich RoseR2,200
GH Mumm BrutR1,300
GH Mumm Demi SecR1,800
GH Mumm Olympe RoseR2,000
Dom Lumious BrutR7,000
Dom Lumious RoseR7,000
Louis Roederer CristalR11,000
Armand De Brignac GoldR12,000
Armand De Brignac RoseR14,000

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