Krispy Kreme Menu Prices South Africa

Krispy Kreme has over 1,000 locations in more than 30 countries, and it is constantly expanding its reach.

In addition to its classic Original Glazed doughnut, Krispy Kreme offers a wide variety of other flavours, including Chocolate Glazed, Strawberry, and caramel.

The company also offers an assortment of coffees and other beverages.

Krispy Kreme is dedicated to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service.

It is no wonder that the company has become so popular in South Africa.

Here are the latest Krispy Kreme menu and prices in South Adrca:

Reach For A Dream
Hugs & Kisses (Full Sleeve)R15
Sunshine (Full Sleeve)R15
Congrats (Full Sleeve)R15
Thank You (Full Sleeve)R15
Nuts For Doughnuts (Full Sleeve)R15
Hugs & Kisses (Quarter Sleeve)R5
Sunshine (Quarter Sleeve)R5
Congrats (Quarter Sleeve)R5
Nuts For Doughnuts (Quarter Sleeve)R5
Thank You (Quarter Sleeve)R5
Doubly Delicious
Double Dozen: Original GlazedR252
Double Dozen: AssortedR333.5
Double Dozen: Original Glazed & Assorted DozenR302.5
Double Minis: Original GlazedR252
Double Minis: Festive AssortedR333.5
Double Minis: Original Glazed & AssortedR302.5
Minis Original GalzedR137
Festive Minis AssortedR177.5
Original Glazed DozenR137
Assorted DozenR177.5
Original Glazed Half DozenR84
Assorted Half DozenR107
3 Piece Original GlazedR43.5
3 Piece AssortedR54.5
KK Tin Half Dozen Original GlazedR187
KK Tin Assorted Half DozenR211
Peach Iced TeaR33.5
Lemon Iced TeaR33.5
Coke (300ml)R25.5
Coke Zero (300ml)R25.5
Cream Soda (300ml)R25.5
Fanta Orange (300ml)R25.5
Red GrapetizerR33.5
Still Water (500M)R21
Sparkling Water (500ml)R21
KK Baseball CapR225
KK Tin (Tin Only)R115
KK Travel Mug (Plastic)R92
KK Domed Lid TumblerR162
KK Glass TumblerR225
KK Cake StandR132
Water BottleR186
KK Black Ceramic MugR140
KK Reusable Travel MugR115
KK Coffee Filter 250R138
KK Coffee Roasted 250R138

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