Milky Lane Menu Prices South Africa

Founded in 2016, Milky Lane is a South African chain that specializes in ice cream and desserts made with its signature NiceCream. The company has over 50 locations across South Africa, as well as several international franchise locations.

In addition to its traditional ice cream flavours, Milky Lane also offers a range of unique flavour combinations, such as the Chocolate Salted Caramel and the Cookie Dough Cheesecake.

Milky Lane’s menu also features a selection of waffles, crepes, and milkshakes, all of which can be enjoyed in the comfort of the company’s cafes or ordered for delivery.

Whether you’re looking for a quick treat or a leisurely dessert, Milky Lane is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Here is the latest Milky Lane menu with prices in South Africa:

Decadent Waffles
Bar-One and Peppermint AeroR78
Bar-One and BananaR71
Favourite Waffles
Oreo Cookies and CreamR61
Bar-One PeanutR66
Bar-One BonanzaR71
Rolo WaffleR74
Death by Chocolate WaffleR78
Oreo SunnydaeR71
Custard Surprise SunnydaeR71
Peppermint Aero & Bar-One SunnydaeR71
Triple Choc SunnydaeR71
Crunchie SunnydaeR71
Choca Mocha WhizzerR51
Crunchie WhizzerR51
Choco Cookie WhizzerR54
Bar-One & Hazelnut WhizzerR58
Bar-One and Peppermint Aero WhizzerR58
Smarties Galaxy WhizzerR58
Bar-One & Banana WhizzerR54
Oh So Special Shakes
Oreo ShakeR55
Peppermint Aero ShakeR55
Bar-One ShakeR55
Favourite Shakes
Strawberry ShakeR45
Chocolate ShakeR45
Vanilla ShakeR45
Bubblegum ShakeR45
Banana ShakeR45
Peppermint ShakeR45
Lime ShakeR45
Warm & Fuzzy
Milky Lane CoffeeR31
Cafe LatteR33
Hot ChocolateR37
Bar One Hot ChocolateR39
Peppermint AeroR11.9
Jelly TotsR11.9
Jelly BeansR11.9
Chocolate CandyR11.9
Ruby PearlsR11.9
Craft Sodas
Raspberry Craft SodaR31
Apple Craft SodaR31
Mango Craft SodaR31
Mango Coca-Cola Craft SodaR31

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