Sandwich Baron Menu Prices South Africa

When it comes to great-tasting sandwiches, few places can compete with Sandwich Baron.

This beloved South African institution is known for its selection of high-quality ingredients and fresh, hand-crafted recipes.

Whether you’re looking for an artisanal chicken sandwich or a classic roast beef melt, Sandwich Baron has something to satisfy every taste bud.

But what really sets this eatery apart is its commitment to becoming the largest sandwich restaurant in the country.

For those of you who are looking for a filling breakfast sandwich or a quick lunch on the go, you can always count on Sandwich Baron for unmatched quality and flavour.

Here’s the Sandwich Baron menu with prices in South Africa:

Light BreakfastR44
Vegetarian BreakfastR52
Bacon and Scrambled Egg PitaR47
Avocado & SaladR34.5
Avocado, Lettuce & FetaR38
Avocado, Vinegar, Salt & PepperR28.5
Bacon & AvocadoR35.5
Bacon & BananaR33
Bacon & CheeseR33.5
Bacon & EggR34
Bacon & Scrambled EggR37.5
Bacon, Cheese & EggR39.5
Bacon, Cheese & MushroomR43.5
Bacon, Feta & AvocadoR43
Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & MayoR49
Bacon, Scrambled Egg & Pork SausagesR45.6
Beef & MustardR36
Beef & Potato SaladR38
Beef & SaladR38
Beef PiccaliliR36
Beef, Avocado, Gherkin & SaladR50.5
Beef, Cheese & AvocadoR44
Beef, Chilli & Potato SaladR43
Beef, Mustard & CheeseR41.5
Beef, Mustard & GherkinR41
Beef, Mustard, Egg & GherkinR47
Beef, Mustard, Potato & SaladR43
Beef, Potato Salad & LettuceR41
Biltong, Chicken MayoR48
Cheese & AvocadoR35.5
Cheese & SaladR35
Cheese & TomatoR31
Cheese, Avocado & TomatoR38.5
Cheese, Egg & MayoR39
Cheese, Mozzarella & FetaR41
Cheese, Mozzarella & OliveR43.5
Chicken & AvocadoR35.5
Chicken & SaladR35
Chicken Cheesy MeltR41
Chicken MayoR33
Chicken Mayo & AvocadoR40.5
Chicken Mayo & CheeseR38.5
Chicken Mayo & FetaR40.5
Chicken Mayo & GherkinR38
Chicken Mayo & Green PepperR36
Chicken Mayo & MushroomR43
Chicken Mayo & PineappleR38
Chicken Mayo, Avocado & CottageR48
Chicken Mayo, Cheese & AvocadoR46
Chicken Mayo, Cheese & PineR43.5
Chicken Mayo, Sriracha & SaladR40
Classic ClubR55.5
Creamy Chicken Livers & Peri PeriR31.5
Creamy Chicken Livers, Peri Peri, Cottage & CheeseR37
Crispy BaconR29.5
Crispy Bacon & AvocadoR37
Crispy Bacon & Chicken MayoR43.5
Crispy Bacon, Scrambled Egg & Pork SausageR47
Double Bacon, Mozzarella & CheddarR48
Double SausageR30
Egg & MayoR31
Frankfurter & BBQ SauceR39
Ham & AvocadoR34.5
Ham & CheeseR32.5
Ham & EggR33
Ham SaladR34
Ham, Cheese & AvocadoR40
Ham, Cheese & TomatoR35.5
Ham, Cheese, Tomato & MayoR40.5
Meatballs & Fried OnionR32
Meatballs, Cheese & ChutneyR39.5
Salami & CheeseR37
Salami & HamR40.5
Salami, Cheese & AvocadoR44.5
Salami, Cheese & GherkinR42
Scrambled EggR30
Steak & CheeseR44.5
Steak & Fried OnionR42
Steak, Cheese & AvocadoR52
Steak, Fried Onion, Tomato & BBQ SauceR50
Tuna MayoR37
Tuna Mayo & SaladR44
Tuna Mayo, Cheese & AvocadoR50
Tuna Mayo, Egg & CucumberR46
Wraps & Tacos
BBQ Honey WrapR44
BBQ Steak, Avo & Salad WrapR47
Chicken Mayo & Salad WrapR42.4
Chicken Mayo, Lettuce & Avo WrapR42.4
Chicken Strips, Avo & Fried Onion WrapR46
Crumbed Chicken & Salad WrapR42
Ham, Mozzarella & Salad WrapR42
Lettuce, Feta & Avo WrapR38.4
Mince and Chilli PitaR48
Ranch & BBQ Chicken WrapR44
Spicy Tuna WrapR47
Chicken TacoR35
Mince TacoR35
Steak TacoR56
Veg TacoR42
Banting Biltong Avo SaladR72
Banting BreakfastR42
Banting BurgerR54
Banting Chicken Avo SaladR52.5
Banting Chicken LiversR30
Banting Chicken SaladR42
Banting Chicken StripsR49
Banting Crispy Chicken Bits SaladR50
Banting Greek SaladR48
Banting Loaf With ButterR18.5
Banting Lunch Option 1R50
Banting Lunch Option 2R47
Banting OmeletteR55
Banting SoupR32
Banting Veggie OmeletteR51
Baked Potatoes
Baked Potato with Bacon & CheeseR58
Baked Potato with ButterR31.5
Baked Potato with CheeseR43
Baked Potato with Creamed SpinachR47.5
Baked Potato with Creamed Spinach & FetaR61
Baked Potato with Creamy Chicken Livers & Peri PerR47.5
Baked Potato with Mushroom & SauceR51.5
Baked Potato with Sour CreamR51.5
Avo SaladR42
Biltong & Avocado SaladR72
Chicken & Avocado SaladR52.5
Chicken & Feta SaladR52.5
Chicken Mayo & Crispy Bacon SaladR65
Chicken SaladR42
Crispy Bacon & Avocado SaladR58
Crispy Bacon SaladR50
Crispy Chicken Bit SaladR50
Fruit SaladR40
Greek SaladR48
Potato SaladR44
Steak & Crumbled Feta SaladR63
Tuna SaladR49
Lunch Boxes
Breakfast BagR77
Creamy Chicken Livers Lunch BoxR42
Deep Fried Spicy Chicken LiversR44
Healthy Lunch BagR55
Lunch BoxR68
Snack BoxR68
Spicy Snack BoxR59
Tasty Chicken BoatR44
Training Lunch Bag 1R58
Training Lunch Bag 2R77
Garlic and Cheese BreadR44
Garlic BreadR29
Heated Garlic and Cheese BreadR44
Heated Garlic BreadR29
All Cheese PlatterR245
Anytime PlatterR350
Baron Party PlatterR355
Baroness PlatterR245
Best Of Both PlatterR310
Breakfast PlatterR380
Businessman’s Sandwich PlatterR345
Cheese and Biscuit PlatterR410
Chicken Delight PlatterR355
Chicken PlatterR385
Cocktail PlatterR465
Cold Meat Fantasy PlatterR410
Director PlatterR395
Early Morning PlatterR360
Exotic PlatterR395
Health PlatterR360
Just Sausage Rolls PlatterR250
Meatball and Egg Mayo PlatterR275
Mixed PlatterR345
Munch PlatterR350
Rib Chicken PlatterR530
Royal PlatterR345
Snack PlatterR395
Summertime Fruit PlatterR390
Sundowner PlatterR440
Supreme PlatterR310
Sweet Pastry PlatterR395
Sweet PlatterR490
Vegetarian PlatterR350
Veggie PlatterR340
Kids Menu
Kids Cheese SandwichR47
Kids Chick Mayo French Loaf (11cm)R47
Kids Ham SandwichR47
Chicken Cheesy Melt Special (Saturdays Only)R85.5
Chicken On The Run (Daily Between 09:30 and 10:30)R69
Chicken Taco SpecialR35
Savoury Mince Taco SpecialR35

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