Wimpy Menu Prices South Africa

With its delicious burgers and an assortment of sides, Wimpy is one of the premier fast food chains in South Africa. From its classic 100% beef burger to its innovative chicken wraps and yummy milkshakes, this popular restaurant offers something for everyone’s taste buds.

Their menu is unique and offers a diverse range of delicious options that are perfect for any time of day. Whether you’re in the mood for a big juicy burger, a crispy chicken wrap, or a sweet treat like a milkshake or ice cream sundae, Wimpy is sure to have something that will satisfy your cravings.

But what really makes Wimpy stand out from the crowd is its commitment to quality ingredients and fresh flavours. And with their convenient drive-thru service and speedy delivery option, getting great food has never been easier.

Here is the latest Wimpy menu with prices in South Africa:

All-Day Breakfast
Shape – Seasonal Fruit, Yoghurt, HoneyR51.9
Sunrise – Back Bacon, Eggs & ToastR29.9
Streaky – Bacon, Eggs, Toast & ChipsR37.9
Egg, Mushroom & ToastR49.9
Sizzling Pork Sausage, Eggs, Bacon & ToastR49.9
Best of Both – Pork Banger, Mini Beef Boerewors, Streaky Bacon, Eggs & ToastR59.9
Hashbrowns, Eggs, Bacon & ToastR51.9
Veggie BreakfastR64.9
Cheese GrillerR52.9
Pork Bangers, Back Bacon, Eggs & ToastR59.9
Executive – 100g Beef Boerewors, Bacon, Chips, Egg & ToastR83.9
Farmhouse – Back Bacon, Eggs, Toast & ChipsR59.9
Traditional – 120g Sirloin Steak, Back Bacon, Eggs, Toast & ChipsR99.9
Bacon, Cheese & Tomato OmeletteR59.9
Lamb Sausages, Eggs, Bacon, Chips & ToastR83.9
Mixed Grill BreakfastR139.9
Mega – 90g Beef Patty, Eggs, Back Bacon, Chips & ToastR83.9
Grill Menu
Chicken Fillets GrillR64.9
Thrill of the GrillR69.9
Fried Hake FilletR76.9
Mixed GrillR139.9
1/4 Chicken & steakR94.9
Ultimate Meaty FeastR154.9
6 Chicken WingsR84.9
Fried CalamariR94.9
Chicken Schnitzel, Mushroom Sauce & Cheese MeltR99.9
1/4 Chicken & Fried CalamariR86.9
2 x 1/4 ChickensR84.9
300g Pork Ribs & Chicken WingsR129.9
2 x 80b Lamb ChopsR139.9
Steak & EggR98.9
Steak, Cheese & Mushroom SauceR99.9
Lunch Menu
Wimpy BurgerR52.9
Bacon & Cheese BurgerR74.9
The Champion BurgerR79.9
Chicken BurgerR62.9
Crumbed Chicken BurgerR69.9
Deluxe Veggie BurgerR62.9
Chicken, Bacon & Cheese BurgerR79.9
Mushroom Lava BurgerR74.9
Crispy Stack BurgerR74.9
Sweet Jalapeno Chicken Stack BurgerR74.9
Big Cheese BurgerR82.9
Big Champion BurgerR99.9
Big Bacon & Cheese BurgerR97.9
Toasted Sandwiches
Full Loaded Dagwood Toasted SandwichR99.9
Dagwood Toasted SandwichR94.9
Cheese Toasted SandwichR39.9
Cheese & Tomato Toasted SandwichR41.9
Chicken Mayo Toasted SandwichR49.9
Chicken Mayo Bacon Toasted SandwichR54.9
Bacon & Egg Toasted SandwichR49.9
For Sharing
Bits & Bites for 2R159.9
Bits & Bites for 4R299.9
Chicken Wing PlatterR299.9
RBurger BonanzaR179.9
Light Meals
Chicken Fillet SaladR59.9
Chicken WrapR59.9
Fried Calamari SaladR69.9
Harvest SaladR49.9
Mexi Veg WrapR59.9
Donut DunkersR34.9
Assorted MuffinsR29.9
Triple Choc CakeR38.9
Just ChillsR36.9
Plain WaffleR42.9
Bar-One WaffleR47.9
Flippin FlapjacksR29.9
Snowfreeze Banana BoatR42.9
Banana Choc WaffleR48.9
Famous Wimpy Coffee (regular)R24.9
Famous Wimpy Coffee (mega)R30.9
Chai Tea LatteR37.9
Hot ChocolateR37.9
Filter Coffee (regular)R19.9
Filter Coffee (large)R27.9
Cappuccino (regular)R27.9
Cappuccino (large)R34.9
Caffe Latte (regular)R28.9
Caffe Latte (large)R35.9
Espresso (regular)R16.9
Espresso (large)R19.9
Soft Drink Shared JugR69.9
Fruit Slush (single)R39.9
Fruit Slush (shared jub)R84.9
Just Chills ShakeR35.9
Classic Shakes (regular)R36.9
Classic Shakes (mega)R42.9
Gourmet Shake (regular)R42.9
Gourmet Shake (mega)R48.9

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